Aquatic 25T

The Aquatic 25T is a larger and more spacious version of the Aquatic 25 unit. Compared to its predecessor, the Aquatic 25T has a higher and roomier cabin, which made a standing height of 1,85m possible. We implemented the newest technical solutions in cockpit and deck management and installed larger windows to ensure the optimal amount of sunlight. The newest project of the Aquatic Yacht shipyard has excellent nautical properties and a sporting edge, which makes it one of the best 7,49m touristic units.

The new Aquatic Yachts model is a comfortable unit can give unforgettable sailing experiences to an up to 8 person crew during a few day trip through inland reservoirs.


Length overall 8,20 m
Hull length 7,49 m
Beam 2,88 m
Sails area 29,5 m2
Draft 0,33/ 1,4 m
Weight 2200 kg
Ballast 500 kg
Centerboard 80 kg
Cabin height 1,85 m
Crew 6-8 persons
Outboard motor min. 6 HP
Category CE C/B
Designer Jerzy Pieśniewski (JWP-Design)
aquaticAquatic 25T